Monday, 22 May 2006

Who'd have thunk.. barrels at St Clair

Yesterday in the post arrived a parcel from germany, my new EWA Marine rain cape, so I can happily shoot away in the windy-rainy and sand-blasting Dunedin winter conditions without destroying my beloved camera. So to take it for a test run today was purfect, because.. it was raining.. BUT who'd have thunk today that conditions were perfect also at St Clair for some 3foot barrels. Those lucky surfers out there today were having a blast in more ways than one in the wintery conditions at 2pm when I got there.

SUMMARY of the practicality of my new rain cape: 1. It stops the rain getting to my camera and keeps my hands warm.. 2. its like wearing gumboots in bed.. the most horrid difficult thing to operate a camera inside of. I guess I'll get used to it


jono said...

whoa, that's insane!! it was barreling on saturday, but not that well!

Beano said...

I went out yesterday after work and it was really good, but it got dark quickly so I only had about 30 minutes in it.

Nic on 23 May, 2006 12:10 said...

I just spoke to a guy this morning at seconds. he said St Kilda was epic last night.. got some cool sparkly shots this morning at St Clair too, just processing them now. Nice to see you here Beano :0)

Anonymous said...

St Kilda aye!!! Those banks are working a treat, NOT a place for learners though! There's nothing like paddling for a wave there only to find yourself looking at sand as it sucks up and you have no place to go, I remember it vividly in my younger days! LOL


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