Saturday, 27 May 2006

:: RETRO :: to Feb 11th 2006

I only started this Blog on the 23rd of February, but proir to that I had my new digital camera November the year before, where I was pretty much out every day or so taking shots, thats why I started this blog, because I didn't want the pics rotting on my hard drive.
So some sik ones from Feb 11th .. All taken around 3-4pm.


Anonymous said...

hey nic, great site
I live in america, and i will be surfing in NZ next year...what's the water temperature this time of year in dunedin?


Nic on 28 May, 2006 09:42 said...

Hi Peter, Right now the water temp in Dunedin is around 8 degrees centigrade (the U.S. works on farenheight eh?) so you'll have to convert that. basically its cold, but much warmer over the summer months here, Novemeber to May .. cheers ~Nic

Surfer Jo said...

Hey dude, i was just down in Dunners for a trip, the water temp is around 11-12c but will start to drop off quite quickly i would think.I was told mid winter your looking at about 6-7c water temps.

As for me i live in Auckland, right now our water temps are sitting at around 18c and never really drop much below 15c in the middle of winter.


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