Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Contractors working on Ramp at St Clair

Out at St Clair today, on the esplanade are two large shipping containers with all the gear to dp strengthening of the piles on the ramp, which has been out of use since way back last year. I spoke to the guys working on it, and they said they are being strengthened, and then the ramp will be re-extended so it can be used again and that there are no plans at present to fix the washed away stairs. Stuck in a cool pic of one of the stripped and twisted bolts from the bottom of the stairs that got washed away a few weeks ago.

Also this morning caught a shot through my (dirty) kitchen window of the sunrise, or a bit after sunrise, pity that ugly Mitre 10 Mega store ruins the harbourscape now.


jono said...

this is just a joke, do they really think those tiny little rods they are putting in aren't going to go the same way as that one you took a photo of? they need solid staircases that can't get rocks under them and lift them off the mountings

Nic on 18 May, 2006 17:37 said...

totally agree there, get them back to how they used to be, a solid set pointing straight out. That sea wall lasted 80+ years, can;t see thsi one lasting any longer.. sure it looks pretty and contemporay, but definately NOT practical. Hey awesome to meet you properly today, you're a good surfer, just didn't get any pics of you (again).. only got one of SJ, and it sucked.:0)

Anonymous said...

yeah i was loving that right i caught first, i think i got smashed more times than i caught waves tho, surfscab pulled into a really nice right first up, then me and SJ were just paddling round trying to find a consistent peak that wasn't just lulling out

jono said...

thats me..


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