Wednesday, 3 May 2006

On my own

Caitlin at school, and the beaches basically deserted I had a quick cruise around. First Blackhead, four out, low tide sheltered from wind a few barrels going. St Clair was abysmal, didn't even whip the camera out, nobody was out anyway, St Kilda, again, nobody out, but a few close-to-shore breaks and a rainbow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic you went to Blackhead too early, It got crowded once the grommies got out of school! Looks like it will be all on tommorrow for a fun we session 2-3ft perfection!

Nic on 03 May, 2006 22:47 said...

well i guess I'm gonna have to pop over the hill tomorrow again!!

Anonymous said...

Few of the groms and others got Blackhead 4pm onwards at 2ft glass but some random closeouts occuring.
Most seemed to have fun sheltered away from the wind. Was a super low tide though, and if only daylight saving was still with us could have made for a fun after work session... Oh how I wish to be be a schoolie!!!


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