Friday, 15 January 2010

:: VID :: Seven Sessions

The Story behind this Video
A debate on a New Zealand surf forum late 2007 led to the creation of the 'Olo Hikoi'. At the centre of the Hikoi (Journey) was a 13foot hollow core wooden surfboard shaped by Roy Stewart. The forum debate was over previous claims in another surf forum by the board's shaper that it would outperform other longboards at Pipeline.

The nine month Hikoi covered the length and breadth of New Zealand and was shared, surfed and delivered between members of the surf forum.

This video covers the 5 week Dunedin leg of the NZ Hikoi. Although there were 14 sessions in total, only seven were visually documented. Dunedin surfers were Jay, Beano, Shayne, Caity, Nic, Homa, Jono, Jimi & Hayley. Images and editing by Nic Reeves of - Thanks to Junk Shop Star for the use of their track Aria for Aria.

All of the NZ Hikoi sessions and most of the Hawaii sessions were blogged at - Each surfer sent in words, photographs and videos sharing the stoke with their travels, experiences surfing the board and board reviews.

The board is now (Jan 2010) in Hawaii in the possession of Garrett Mcnamara and has indeed been surfed at 2nd reef pipeline.
Thank you to Roy Stewart for making this Hikoi possible by allowing your board to tour.
Unfortunately due to communication issues, the UK tour has been canceled.


Anonymous said...

Great Film, would be great tio get more feedback from the riders - weeder on 16 January, 2010 11:00 said...

Thanks for the video Phoam, it's good to see the lads smiling.

Stretch on 16 January, 2010 12:16 said...

I rode the board in a number of different types of waves over the weeks we had the pleasure of having the board obviously if you watched the Video you'll know i'm an average surfer (10 years on and off)
*Paddling the board out was pretty damn easy most the time considering its size.

*turning the board to catch a wave was relatively easy "slide off the back run sideways under water slide back on and paddle"

* Catching waves was pretty easy even on the smaller waves

*dropping in and turning off the bottom was easy as and could be done from pretty much where you popped up (not as easy as a fish but comparable with a 9'1" noserider)

* the board got along at a fair clip "in most of the waves it held its own as far as being fast enough i felt" (my riding of the board seemed to hold it back more see Beano's wave for in my opinion best ridden wave!)

* Cutting back was do-able but the scheme seemed more to be too ride the board at the waves speed same as a gun or old log would be ridden !

*transporting the board to the break was a mission but only as was expected and usually well worth it.

*part of my Quiver for 5 weeks it was a board i often took out as you can see (camera and video not present for many sessions) and if i had the storage space and the money to buy one (don't have skills to build) i'd defiantly err on the buying of one!

*The above is my un fettered opinion Roy and i have crossed swords many times but he builds a good board and the video shows its a fun board!

"that was soooo Much Fun"

thanks Roy !

any specific questions ? ask em

danny1 UK said...

nothing much to see here performance wise from the could prob surf one of those inflatable bananas just as well....I am however very impressed with the kiwi stoke and experimentation.

Stretch on 16 January, 2010 20:28 said...

No Dropping in occurred in the making of this movie
2 people riding a wave is sharing! unless you happen to be selfish which we are not. on 17 January, 2010 16:54 said...

Danny1 UK go back to your troll hole, with your snide inflatable banana comment !

Anonymous said...

looks real fun, and got some fun waves. Would like to see what Danny1 Uk could do on it. :)

Anonymous said...

To right, keep the stoke.
Impressed by the way the bottom turns looked considering the boards shape, plenty of rocker I guess. Any footage of Pipe?
Well done on the website, always check to see whats new.

db said...

Great edit Phoam, musta been a lot of work in putting that together so well! Thanks :) on 01 February, 2010 18:53 said...

Hopefully an update from Sunset beach very soon . ..


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