Thursday, 14 January 2010

:: Boart Art :: The Joker

Above: Caity with her Joker board art, and behind her on the street her new car ( she sold the 4WD she bought, chewed too much gas)

Caitlins scuzzy old fish, which had a revamp last year during a party at home (left) was getting a bit manky because we didn't seal the design on properly ( just used a clear enamel spray from a can).
So she decided to remove the previous work.. and asked me to help her put on a spanking new design. One of her favourite symbolic images.. The Joker, from the deck of cards.
Why The Joker? She likes the Joker because of its dual use. In card play it can either be the trump card & highly regarded, or it is of no use at all and discarded from the pack. This to her represents her feelings of her own duality and usefulness of her place in life depending on outer rules and circumstances.
How we did it
We started off by scanning the playing card, and then printed it out to A4, Caitlin then drew a grid over it, and scaled the grid up by 2x to a large piece of tracing paper. I then transferred the design over to the tracing paper using the block grid method. Next Caitlin hung it against a window, and reverse traced it with charcoal. After that she laid it over her board charcoal side downwards taped it into place, and rub transferred the image on to the board. I then freehand drew with black Poscas over the charcoal. Caitlin then took the board to Carsey at Quarry Beach, who clear spray coated the design.

Below Left: a closer look at the boart art, and Right: a real cool painting that I picked up at the tip shop last week. Its an original oil, probably an old chinese production line artwork. I loved it not only because of its composition and colour, but because it was the day I decided to start Chinese acupuncture to help me get back on board with life. Weirdly too, that that night on TV, every programme or movie we watched had a tiger in it.


Surfer Nancy on 15 January, 2010 15:03 said...

Does the water ever warm up there much? I am planning on a visit the first week of April. How are the waves in Dunedin then? Could I handle a spring suit that time of year? Glad to see you posting again!

nic on 15 January, 2010 15:42 said...

should have warmed up a bit more by then, perhaps 13 degrees. Springy might do it. If you are too cold after your first surf we have some spare steamers here you could borrow, depends on your size though.


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