Sunday, 1 February 2009

Golden Hour Empties

It has been my goal for the Month of January to suceed in capturing a golden hour emtpy. An image of an empty wave taken in the hour just before sunrise or sunset. Well this month the waves and light just haven't lined up, I did try pretty hard though, so in place some past shots that never ended up on the blog because I was saving them for something special.
The image below was taken on New Years Eve 2008, just the day before the challenge started.

Above, taken during December the same evening as the Blackhead Silver post.
And below, a gorgeous sunset at the beginning of December, although not an empty, the waves the surfers weren't on were empty.

Above, probably my favourite golden hour empty shot, this was taken in the morning.


Thom on 02 February, 2009 02:24 said...

Know how you feel. Had the privilege of catching a few golden ones just before dark a few days past. Epic! Great shots as always.

Steve on 04 February, 2009 11:28 said...

Hi Nic..
Great work on the blog - some amazing and inspiring shots in here! I just started surfing at the end of last summer (insert cliche life changing experience bit here). Suffice to say that this summer my life has revolved around waves, wind and tide - and seen my infatuation develop into a full blown addiction. I discovered your site while scouring the internet for all things Dunedin surf. Really opened my eyes to the great waves on offer and incredible surfers ripping them to pieces down here! So anyway before I start rambling too hard I was wondering if you could maybe send me a high res shot of the sunset silhouettes of the two surfers? I can't be sure from the low res but it looks alot like it might be me and my buddy Marcus. I don't want to waste your time or anything but if you could maybe recrop the hi res image and send it through ( so I can check if it is us we would def be keen to get a couple of prints or maybe do a canvas or something.


nic on 04 February, 2009 12:22 said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the words about my blog.
I have just sent you an email



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