Friday, 30 January 2009

Anti Stadium March - Surfers Invite

Got a text from Tony this arvo, who is organising the voice of Dunedin surfers to march with the rally organised by the 'Stop the Stadium Trust".
Wear your wetsuit for the march, there will be a banner saying something along the lines of
DCC sort your SHIT out first
Leave 12 noon from the Dental school to the Octagon Saturday 31st January
I hope to see as many surfers there as possible who are against public funding for the proposed covered Stadium.
I sure as hell didn't vote for any of the councillors or mayoral candidates who were pro stadium. Interesting that only one councillor who voiced herself as against was voted in.. Teresa Stevenson has all my support, especially up against **** like Fliss Butcher.
We do live in a democracy, and the current council were voted in by Dunedinites, so what to do? Thanks


Neville said...

The new pipe and secondary treatment were timetabled by the Dcc apart from normal delays that occur when constructing in the ocean all is going according to plan.

where was it stated by anyone but the ODT that secondary treatment may be deferred ?

Tenders are being sought now for stage two, stage two was being carried out second because Secondary treatment is a science that is advancing rapidly and doing the pipe first enables the choice of a "better" treatment method tender today!

Acting like doomsayers with gossip and half thought out ideas does little but lessen the view that surfers are rational people able to understand due process and maintain intelligent dialog,
sadly this will impact every time surfers try to address current and future councils.

Well done .

nic on 31 January, 2009 13:22 said...

sweet Neville.
at least Tony is acting on his passions by organising a voice in the march.
I should not have have typed 'The voice of Dunedin surfers' , but instead put 'a few voices of some Dunedin surfers" my apologies.

The march is those against public funding for the stadium, as was my call on the blog here.

My personal view about the voting in of councillors who were pro stadium still stands aside from any issue to do with sewage.

Neville said...

The votes of 434 people in an obscure poll means nothing when measured against the voting in of pro stadium councilors which dunedinites as you stated DID 100% Themselves be it by apathy in not voting or stupidity by not finding out where the councilor they voted for stood on the stadium issue on that it seems we do agree.

However on Tony's Kneejerk reaction to a ODT journalists ramblings and the sewerage that he and his ilk have spewn over surfers as a community and their reputation as a reasonable voice However passion is seldom a great thing,
passion may cause a man to murder a cuckold or americans to invade innocent countries i.e things maybe regreted in the cold light of day.

Seems some surfers reaction is akin to ordering a custom surfboard and being told it will be ready next Sunday, on Wednesday the customer is screaming "why isn't my board ready it's shaped already!"
Good luck with a noble cause, if it really exists.

Anonymous said...

At the initial resource consent hearings (which I attended) the DCC did not want to upgrade the level of treatment and sought to defer this until the pipe had been in operation and they could review its effectiveness (eg: hope the problem would then be out of sight and out of mind).

I don't recall the specific wording of the consent eventually granted but I believe the consent required the treatment upgrade to be completed within a couple of years of the pipe completion.

I believe that if the Council could still avoid having to complete the treatment upgrade stage they would. What's the sanction for a council failing to comply with an environment court ruling? I say "passion" may be useful useful for keeping our elected representatives honest. Certainly more useful than apathy.


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