Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Years Eve 2008

Have a great 2009!
Another year raced by in 2008.
Another year of learning more about the depths of people, relationships, society and most importantly.. myself and how I respond to everything that happens around me. Of enjoying more and more my day job working with the wonderful people at Stepping Stones..
Learning so much more about photography, and my gratefulness to a few whom have mentored me, bought me to my senses and helped me find the joy in my work again.
I am grateful to my family and friends, thank you for your acceptance of me, my periodic insanity and for your support over the year.
Thanks also to the readers of this blog, who occasionally leave comments, email me, and say hello at the beach, it stokes me out more than you can imagine. And for some, I'm fine that you hate what I do.. because you make me love this world more because you are in it to be exactly who you are too.

Above: the last of the sun for 2008, setting at Blackhead beach Dunedin.


Beetlejuice on 02 January, 2009 11:41 said...

great blog-i would like to visit NZ!!

Charlotte on 04 January, 2009 15:35 said...


Maria on 08 March, 2011 23:56 said...

I'm tring to find the common black stone from Blackhead. Could someone tell me were I can find it??
I'm very interested!


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