Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hayley Coakes - Open Womens Winner @ ROXYS

Hayley took out the womens open title at the canterbury womens champs this weekend. The comp was run in just one day in small but clean 1-2 foot surf at New Brighton in Christchurch.
When I get time in the nest few days to go through the other photos I'll make a more detailed post, also once the full results are published.


Roxy Open Womens
1st. Hayley Coakes - Dunedin .8.20 pts
2nd Leilani Morgan - New Bri .7.13 pts
3rd Kristi Zarifeh - Sumner .6.03 pts
4th Sarah Armstrong -Kaiapoi 3.00 pts

Roxy Junior Womens
1st. Kristi Zarifeh -Sumner .9.67 pts
2nd Emily Nicolson -Kaiaoi .7.47 pts
3rd Alethea Lock -Sumner .6.27 pts
4th Grace Nicolson -Kaiaoi .4.23 pts

Dakine Longboard
1st. Eve Welsh -Sumner . . 7.27 pts
2nd Trish O'Rourke -New Bri 5.73 pts
3rd Geraldine Spencer - New Bri 5.50 pts
4th Heather Jones - New Bri 3.07 pts


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Haley !
You go girl !

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hayley!! well done!

Anonymous said...

Well, done, thanks for your txt, glad you got home safe.
Looking forward to the pix and vids!! See u next time, Heather


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