Wednesday, 9 May 2007

So.. whats all this then?

People have been wanting
to see the light, for over 100 years!!

Dont deny us again!

The last few days I have been supporting a friend in his proposal to get the building of the fence being replaced behind the Hot Salt Water Pool stopped until a more pleasing design could be implemented.
The fence was first erected in about 1905, due to the social requirements of segregated bathing times, and non-mixing of the sexes during bathing. The fence was erected to prevent the men 'perving' at the ladies. Holes were soon drilled in the fence to aid in the forbidden view, and it became a bit of a regular activity at the time (see pic below form 1906).

The fence was replaced a few times, always by an identical structure, and this time due to disrepair again its identical replacement was ordered by the DCC.
Our contention is.. why does it have to be a solid wooden fence and continue to block out such a great view?
We understand that the fence is very necessary for OSH issues, and also for the legal requirements for fencing a pool area, public or private. but could it not be designed this time to allow passing walkers and new and unique view of the City, beach and Esplanade?

above and two below is what the view could be if a vision fiendly fence was erected, the dark line sitting above the (now) freestanding gate and door represents the height of the origninal and replacement fence.

Nigel Westbrook had discussions with the mayors secretary on the 8th May, and a meeting was scheduled for 8.30am the next day (the 9th may) to discuss the matter further. At the meeting a list of names opposing the replacement solid wooden fence was presented to the Mayor Peter Chin, along with a series of demonstartion photos from me. Nigel was informed that they would consult and get back to him before work continued..
Lo and behold a visit at lunch time today the workers had been hard at work on the fence construction since the crack of dawn again, having been told to get as much work done as possible before they were forced to really stop. Pics below are the progress at noon ...

so where the story lay as of 4pm this avo, the contractors were given the go ahead (not that they stopped) to complete the fence as originally ordered, due to the fact that the fence had to be solid due to alledged ''complaints'' recieved from the pool patrons of being spied upon, an ironic twist.. given the history of the wall.
We have also been advised that a 'ramp' with viewing seats will now be erected behind the wall on the bank/cliff to allow patrons the pleasure of the view. More taxpayers money of course.

You may be pleased to know the graffiti 'lady on the fence' has been salvaged and returned to its original artist.. top marks to the contractor and council for taking care of that :0)

and on a lighter note, all this going on just one surf pic of note, shayne doing his thing.. and your seal Kate :0)


Anonymous said...

the seal was much bigger than that - honest - especially when up close and personal!! cheers nic. :) kate


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