Saturday, 19 May 2007

More Damage to Steps - Ramp

Cracks showing at the top of the recently replaced steps at the pool end of the esplanade. Although the cracks are in cosmetic concrete smoothing, it shows that the force of the waves over the last week have been impacting and lifting the steps to a great degree.

I have included directly below a photo of the top of the stairs from the 16th March to show what the structure is under the cracks which are showing now. This top section of the steps are a refurbished version of the old steps that were washed away, and still show old damage around the bolts.

The ramp has been reinforced with LARGE steel girders at 4 points (photo below on right), which makes it impossible for wheelchair acess now, actually with the 4foot drop at the end of the ramp onto rocks no access to beach is possible anyway via the ramp. Picture below on right, taken 19th April, is a week after the replacement steps were installed showing the newly broken new handrail and rocky beach.
Below is an article in todays Otago Daily Times. pg5



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