Thursday, 10 May 2007

the Forbidden View?

Just watched my friend Nigel on the Channel 9 news over the St Clair to Seconds fence issue.

Great that its getting some broader publicity.. but!!
Two issues that appear rather inconsistent.
One one hand Dunedin City Council representative Graham Hall said that the fence had to be a soild wooden fence in order to stop people viewing into the pool area, so a privacy issue.. but then why in the next sentence claim that the public will be allowed to utilise the view freely by an altered track and seats where [quote]"people can view over the fence" ... think about it.. defeats the purpose eh
Also Mr Hall claimed the council explored the option of using a mesh fence instead of the wooden fence... this was aparantly mooted due to the 'unsightly' corrosion that the mesh would acquire exposed to the salt laden air over time. A mesh fence is NOT the only option.. and if privacy is the premium issue, then why consider a mesh fence, or any other alternative other than solid in the first place? Why is there a mesh fence just 10 metres furthur up in the same track?.. which then incidently stops abruptly and there is NO fence at all to stop small animals. pushchairs and bicycles careering off the cliff face.
Below is a scan of the original letter Nigel Westbrook sent to the Mayor, and the Petition:


Anonymous said...

Well done Nigel for trying to show the DCC the error of their ways.
I am whoever a bit confused as to the date on the petition letter and where it was or is available to sign?
The other problem with the second beach track is at the start where I find it uneven and lacking in packed gravel which means it turns into a mud bath along with the potential to twist your ankle at the very least! As for the Esplanade ramp, how long has it been? And the stairs, I have witnessed many surfers and walkers trying to navigate their way up and down the stairs and slipping due to once again the council not keeping their promise of reguarly cleaning the moss/slim from them. It's hard enough to navigate your way around the rocks!
Bring on the Local Body Elections.

Nic on 12 May, 2007 17:24 said...

the date appears to be the fourth.. a new petition is being created, in the drafting stage, as we need to define exactly what we do want and don't want to happen based on the current DCC decisions. will keep progress posted on the blog here.


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