Friday, 14 April 2006

South Island Surf Champs

Today is my daughters 13th birthday party, and right now there are 4 screaming teens blasting singstar, throwing cushions and having a ball, been like this since 12 today, but I did get a chance for a quick pop down to the South Island Surf Champs at St Clair, only got a few shots. Interesting though that there are alot of extremely talented local surfers that rip it up every day of the week here in dunnos, who's surfng is just as good or better than what I saw during todays heats.


Anonymous said...

Ain't that the truth!
Waves were very shifty and some of the groms who u c out ripping normally were playing about in the reforms, but i guess they were getting themselves through to semi's and finals.
Good to see a stacked final in the South Island grom final lets hope Geordi Dearns,Tom Bracegirdle, and Jordan Durst can use their local knowledge to their advantage over Alec Dive from BOP

Adam Jennings on 15 April, 2006 22:27 said...

Yes I agree too. Many a time at a comp i would see some free surfers pulling some amazing moves that outshone the competition surfing. To be truthful competition surfing is to formulaic.

It starves the creativity as point chasing is the order of the day. The judging system is flawed as is the majority of judges. They have lost touch in my opinion. It was a sad day when the Qicksilver Airshow was stopped here. There at least you saw truly imaginative surfing.

You capture surfing so well Nic its a joy to look at your photos. Your images of Dunedin realy sell the place so well, you should submit your work to the New Zealand Tourist Board. Your passion and love shine through in all that you do. Something that I have lost along the way as it has been a turbulet few months in my life.

Keep up the good work, I know you will go far. This is only the begining for you. I have a good feeling about this.

Anonymous said...

Dear adam;
LMAO Although I don't fully agree with your judging comments I hear you! If you watched some of the scholastics today you would have seen groms busting their arse's most of the day, except they were'nt in their heats! Funny thing about the physci? when not in a competition. I watched a grom today who ripped on a free surf and didn't in his heat!!!Make's for better Nic photo's I guess???

Nic on 19 April, 2006 08:32 said...

For me in the end its the oneness relationship between the surfer and the wave/ocean .. if the mind is engaged and placed on an outside concept (ie; judges on the beach/points/competition)the relationship with the wave and the no-mind zone that is experienced while truly 'free' surfing is shattered because the surfers presence is split and ther ability to flow and outlet their natural creative talent is compromised. Just my opinion :0) Maybe some training in meditation would be a great advantage to these young surfers so they are not overwhelmed by the engagement of their minds and their subsequent performance during competitions, any edge eh.

Anonymous said...

i feel contest surfing is staid and boring cos these kids are coached not to take risks!!! what??? you say
"get a good first wave and improve your score from there ,dont try new stuff!!"said the shaper(true coaching i overheard)
just like life keep it same same dont take a risk!!!
no wonder our children become based around seeking possetions and status symbols and seeking a false sense of security.
blame the rugby mum parents and pitty the children for the do not know how shallow the teacing is..


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