Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Another awesome Dunedin Day

Unfortunately I had a day of running around town doing lots of small but necessary jobs, so not much time to enjoy the warm weather. About 3pm I swung by St Kilda, and took a few shots there, then 20 mins catching the tail end of todays heats for the Scholastics Champs, just as local surfer Luke Grubb (yellow top) was cutting his stuff.


jono said...

shiiiit, how glassy was it at kilda today!! spent about 2 hours out there till the incoming tide wrecked it, so much fun and hardly any people out there, got a little barrel on my backhand on my first wave of the day (about 1pm) which really just set the scene for the rest of the session

Nic on 19 April, 2006 22:12 said...

yes it was pretty stunning, I was there at 3pm ish and it was closing out. Sounds like you had a great avo, pity the surf didn't look as hot down at St Clair, but better than the last few days for the groms, a bit more power, hopefully it chould pick up tomorrow a bit more according to swell map.

jono said...

yeah saw that and i've got the day off tommorow yeeew


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