Friday, 28 April 2006

More Stairs at the Esplanade disappear

Another set of stairs down to the beach from the Esplanade have been claimed by the sea, no doubt sparks will fly again over the design flaws and use of rate payers money to fix.

Very messy all along the coast still surf wise. A couple of pics too from 3rd of Jan with the big storm then. Just added in due to the discussion bout the sea wall on the comments here.

Above, surfer tries to exit the water at the stairs and gets washed up and slammed into them.


jono said...

looking forward to tommorows ODT, i'm sure they'll blow it out of proportion as always... no one even uses those stairs, it's the set on the other side of that ramp that we couldn't stand to lose!

Nic on 28 April, 2006 18:38 said...

yeah well the stupid thing is that they used steel reinforcing within the concrete wall structure, hmm doesn't steel rust when exposed to sea water??

Surfer Jo said...

Why would you build a sea wall anyway, they speed up coastal erosion and don’t help stop it! they did the same thing to a beach up here called Omaha and ended up loosing 1/2 the sand spit and spending a few million more on installing groynes to solve the problem...Why don’t city councils invest money in research to find the best option to solve all problems? having said that, i don't know the full story behind why the wall was built at St Clair so i could be way off the mark.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise, How long has that ramp beside those set of steps been damaged for? DCC and Fulton Hogan have been dodging the subject since before xmas. All the locals told them that it was going to happen! Lucky no-one was one them when it did, I watched a bodyboarder get slammed half way up those steps on or about 6/1/06 and an ODT photog was there that day and took pictures.
About time the blue collars stopped having Loooong wet lunches and acted!!!

Anonymous said...

they should just replace the end set with a set of stairs going straight out like there used to be, but i doubt thats possible now

Nic on 29 April, 2006 15:48 said...

I was there the day the ODT photographer was taking those pics, one of his ended up on the front page of the ODT next day, I took a pic the split second he did. I also got a series of pics of a surfer being trashed against the stairs trying to come in a few mins before. I put them in this post as some extra pics to show.


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