Thursday, 23 February 2012

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The Top 50 Surfing Blogs for 2012

The Top 50 Surfing Blogs

When it comes to challenging sports, you will be hard pressed to find a more challenging and physically demanding sport than surfing. Known for its exhilarating thrills and exciting unpredictability, surfing is beloved by adrenaline seekers all around the world.

Surfing can be practiced in any ocean that has decent sized waves and as long as you have a good quality wetsuit you can surf any time of the year and in most weathers. One of the great things about surfing is the unruly nature of the waves. You never know what kind of wave you will be riding and to what heights it will take you. Another bonus is the social side of surfing. A virtual subculture, surfers are known for their friendliness and relaxed approach to life.

However, surfing requires extremely high levels of physical fitness and is also a very dangerous sport. Deaths and severe injuries are not uncommon as a result of surfing and you should never underestimate the power of the ocean’s surf. Surfing beginners usually start off with small waves and with the help of a qualified surfing instructor. As you progress and become more skilled, you will then be ready to tackle larger and more untamed waves.

Our team here at VeteransBenefitsGIBill has gathered 50 of the best surfing blogs that will provide you with invaluable surfing tips and news from the surfing community. We are happy to award badges to each of the blogs that made our list, and we encourage you to share our list of blogs with others that enjoy this exciting sport.

Congratulations to the bloggers that made our list and enjoy the surf!

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