Wednesday, 15 December 2010

out the window

Above: Tomatoes are growing well in the Morri House (compare with the pic a few weeks ago here), Jay built me a potting table outside on it's deck, he's so clever.
Other than the vege garden, there is nothing happening in my life. I quit work late October, and have been at home. Sorry no blog posts, I haven't been doing photography or going out.


Anonymous said...

Nic I love your blog. It's full of positive energy. And I love GPigs too. Keep it up. I was born in Dunnies (Coney Hill Rd) before moving to Blenheim and then New Brighton, but have lived in Pacifica, near San Francisco for a fair while now. Mav's is a 5 minute drive away, and no I'll never paddle out there, they're crazy!

Good vibes your way. Your stoke keeps us surfing during the cold Aleutian swells. My Yank mates drool over your pics.


Pamela said...

Looking good and growing well. It will be a great crop later.

Anonymous said...

i reckon the wheels have fallen off this blog. serious loss of momentum...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Trev said...

Ill health will cause good people to lose momentum.
so Hope you get so ill you Die Anon .
cos you sure seem like you deserve it !

nic on 02 January, 2011 09:14 said...

Hi Alan fellow Dunedinite :0), thanks for visiting my blog, and passing on to your mates.
Not much on here lately, but looking at getting more up, as it is really my passion to capture the stoke.
I just ran out of it myself for a while.

Anon - yep you're right, the wheels fell off for a bit, but thanks for still popping back, hopefully tyhere will be more to see very soon as i get back into gear.

Trev - thanks for the support, I know you know whats been going on with me, and I understand your post, others may not.
Stoked though that you visited my blog (( HUGS ))


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