Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Facebook uploader doesn't seem to be working.
So just uploading Family Photos for Family overseas.
Amber an Nick are driving down from Ashburton tonight, and will do the boxing day sales in the morning, then a family BBQ tomorrow night.
Hope you all had a great XMAS.

Top:, Skidi waiting on 'Dads' chair with his XMAS pressie for him.
Below: Then Joined by Dad at breakfast with his toast, shared.

Above: The pine tree branch Jay nabbed from 'somewhere' and brought back home on his scooter at midnight. Then right: Shane and Amber with Skidi.
Below Left: Shane openeing his Christmas Pressie, not happy about the camera in his face. Right: Caitlin giving the look for the camera.

My Dad (Trevor) and step mum Judy dishing up xmas lunch, all the salad and veges were from our garden, it felt so good out with my basket picking the veges.. Above right: Caitlin, Dad and Shane
Family pics taken in front of a half finished project of an eclectic mix of photo frames with pics of my kids over the years.
The house has been very quiet the last 6 weeks since Caitlin moved out, so its just me and Jay. Now, after being a mum for 25 years I can plan my future without responsibilities of being at home for children (theoretically). So I'm planning for a big LE - not an OE as I haven't the funds to travel overseas, but a Local Experience of New Zealand... once I get a camper van kidded out I'm planning on hitting the road to explore our beautiful country.

namaste and hope you all had a great Christmas.


Anonymous said...

looks like you had a good day nic, hayley

Anonymous said...

We got so pissed we ate skidi !

Alan on 31 December, 2010 18:51 said...

Nic, *great* wee post, your family look like a bunch of hard-case good folk. And Skidi - that photo of him atop his pressie is classic. No idea how you got the focus so perfect.

Hit the road, no better place on earth to gently wind along than S.I. of N.Z.
Good gentle vibes from Northern California.

nic on 02 January, 2011 09:10 said...

thanks all.

Yes Alan, our family is definitely full of a bunch of characters.

Skidi tells me he is fattening up for you anon.

Hope yo catch up with you soon Hayley


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