Friday, 13 August 2010

Submissions are in !!

I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in this incredibly intensive and absorbing task.
My submission is in on behalf of the Surfbreak Protection Society.
I also worked with the guys from Big Rock to get that one written up and helped out with a few others offering advice and answering questions. I have spoken to many people who have also placed their own submissions including

ODT Saturday 14th August - Public Respond to Port Proposal
"More than 60 public submissions were received by the Otago Regional Council by late yesterday on Port Otago's proposed $100 million channel-deepening project"

ODT Wednesday 11th August - Port Otago Channel Submissions closing
"Dunedin spokesperson for the Surfbreak Protection Society, Nik Reeves, said Aramoana beach was one of the country's best breaks and called for submissions. St Clair surfing club South Coast Boardriders Association was also calling for submissions.

Ms Reeves said in a statement yesterday while previous sand dumping had improved wave quality at Aramoana in the past, she wanted dumping more closely monitored and the spoil to be dumped further out to sea."

I had a meeting with Geoff Plunkett the CEO of Port Otago yesterday with Lincoln Coe and supported by Rod Rust. This came about as a result of the video, and media releases. The meeting actually went really well, and I discovered that Port Otago are really open to engaging with the public, and really do have their concerns at heart. I heard of a number of things they have done outside of their requirements in other areas. Looking forward to more dialogue in the future.
Although I'm hoping that a proposed merger of Port Otago with Lyttleton does not change the mix. (see ODT 14th Aug 2010 Otago seen as looser in proposed port sale) "The scene is set for the almost two-year-old proposed merger between Port Otago and Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) to become one of the most contentious issues faced by southern local bodies and ratepayers in decades. "

Below are some links to some of the articles and releases that came about this week as a result of my Surfers Submissions Guidelines Video:

First was the interview with Kip Brook which led to the media release through his business Word of Mouth Media.

An excellent article by Cory Scott from NZ Surf Mag's wordpress blog:

A news release I wrote for

A brief article written by an american surf website, they used their own photo, didn't quite get the beach right

A very heartfelt offer from Lloyd Godman, who is an internally renowned ecological artist who used to live in Dunedin. A beautiful panoramic photographic artwork (see top photo) to be used for the campaign in the future.


rhyder2 on 14 August, 2010 22:04 said...

Well done on all your hard work such a worth while corse

nic on 14 August, 2010 22:39 said...

thanks heaps


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