Tuesday, 3 August 2010

How is Ocean Beach Looking?

been three years since the big erosion event, the dunes are still healing, the long term management plan is still being worked on by the DCC . submissions just closed on the John Wilson Drive closure issue, anyone make a submission. I was also alerted to an article in the ODT with thoughts on the future of Ocean Beach.

- Ocean Beach Domain review warranted

ODT Monday 2nd August 2010

John Wilson Ocean Dr should be progressively closed and the area developed, argues Paul Pope, on behalf of the Dunedin Amenities Society.
The closure of John Wilson Ocean Dr has divided opinion over access to the coastal landscape.
The Dunedin Amenities Society has looked at its involvement with the domain over the last 120 years and considered the options for the domain and John Wilson Dr? Dunedin has come full circle with its management of the dunes and has often repeated mistakes from the past.

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