Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Getting Well Again

Close family and friends have known whats been happening with me the last 10 months, and why my blog and social life has been so sparse.. The rest of you I guess have no idea.
If you're not interested in a semi detailed catchup involving details of my womens' issues, I suggest you stop reading.

I'm also telling my story here as it may be helpful to someone else who hits google who may be at their wits end like I was.

So my story.
I had been struggling with pelvic pain and chronic fatigue for well over 5 years, all doctors and numerous acute hospital emergency visits and admissions I was always told "Nothing wrong, its in your head or go have a good shit". After the Cold Water Classic June last year things really started to go downhill for me, then in December another acute hospital 2 day admission with yet another fob off I visited my daughters' new Doctor.. who after hearing my history suggested I might have Endometriosis which I had never heard of before.
Well damn me, I was almost text book. After ringing and speaking with the ladies at the NZ 0800 Endo Hotline I arranged to see a private specialist from Christchurch in January this year, who then put me on a waiting list for an operation in Ashburton to 'have a look inside'.
The last 5 months waiting for my op date have been a real struggle trying to keep my head above water, holding on to my day job by the skin of me teeth and keeping sanely focussed. I have only had 5 surfs since Christmas, each one very precious but putting me in bed for a few days afterwards.
Last week on the 24th of May my laporoscopy operation was performed. They removed a few cysts on my ovaries and inserted a Mirena. Upon waking the surgeon told me I have Adenomyosis which is a form of endometriosis but isolated to the uterus wall and muscle. Thank god, because Adeno is curable, whereas the Endo isn't.
So since the op, its been a very painful and sleepless 9 days with yet another acute 2 day admission to Dunedin Hospital on the day of my return to Dunedin.
Now in recovery I have to wait 3-6 months to see if the mirena works in dealing to the pain and other symptoms. If not I have to get my uterus removed, but I'm not thinking about that right now. Fingers crossed.
So no surfing for me for another 6 weeks, and about 4 weeks off work.
That's my story so far. Thanks to my partner Jayin and my family and friends who have supported me so much - I love you all.

The awesome card above: cartoon of me holding my board (love the hair), was handmade for me and signed with good wishes for a speedy recovery by all the people at my workplace :0) thankyous!!!
Looking forward to being fully back on deck soon with new energy and focus for my photography, art and film making, and more frequent blog posts to boot, wish me luck!
Namaste Nic


Charlotte Reeves on 02 June, 2010 22:01 said...

Glad you spoke out and told your story sis, love you! x

Martin said...

Good on you for sharing - I'm sure I write for all those who love reading and seeing the Dunno's surf scene through your eyes when I say - get well soon Nic! Love and blessings to you for a speedy and well earnt recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic,
All the best and hope things are on the improve. I'm always checking the phoam site for updates and you've done a great job with it.
All the best on the recovery.

nic on 04 June, 2010 12:01 said...

thanks you guys.
been 11 days now and just starting to get rid of the anaesthetic fog, been drawing for some painting ideas which is great inspiration seems to be coming back. namaste

Surfer Nancy on 04 June, 2010 23:44 said...

Nic: I am sending all the best thoughts your way. Take care of yourself. Nancy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing what's going on. Sounds like you're through the worst of it. Best wishes toward a swift recovery.


Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery and all the best i enjoy your site, keep up the good work from a Dunnos boy living in the land of Oz.

Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law has had similar issues - I know how debilitating it is. Glad you persisted with getting proper medical diagnosis. Thoughts are with you to recover fully and soon and be scrambling over the foreshore with that camera again and also out surfing. Rest up.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery Nic. I've only met you in person once but myself and friends are always checking your site as it's a great to see local surfers and breaks firing and your art is amazing.



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