Saturday, 12 June 2010

first dip in decades -1960's Quane 9'6"

A 1960's 9'6" Quane longboard - purchased with a buy now on trademe, just after it was listed. Apparently it had been stored in the roof of a farm shed up central Otago for the last 20+ years. It was in excellent condition with only a few dings in the nose, which jay fixed. He also inserted a leash plug. So today with some winter sun, a bone chilling offshore breeze, grooming clean 2ft waves rolling through the local we headed out for its' first dip in decades.

Above, freshly waxed up.. ready to go. below, waiting out the back in a bit of a lull with some nice lefts coming through on the inside.

First wave Above. below: early morning light with a direct contrast vantage point gave some arty photo opportunities

After shooting for about half an hour, I was stuffed (still in recovery mode), I ditched the chill and climbed back over the rocks. The tide had moved in pretty fast, as the beach profile was lowered considerably by the storms a few weeks back, so I had o strip off my shoes and socks, hiked up my jeans to my thighs and waded back through the shorey. Jays mate turned up as I was leaving so him and Jay surfed for another hour on the inside while I crashed in the car. Jay said he wasn't too impressed with the board to start with, but after a few rock solid nose rides on the inside he was confident the Quane would become a solid part of his beloved quiver.


Tom on 13 June, 2010 09:37 said...

Great images

nelson on 14 June, 2010 08:30 said...

a friend of my stepfathers whom I bought a car off recently showed me a quane he had under his house and it was very similar looking and in condition as this board... he wont sell it to me though... dammm

Simon on 22 June, 2010 14:27 said...

Always good to see old stuff getting dusted off and used like the maker meant it to be...lovely pics, too...


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