Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Phoam Surf Blog is 4 years old today!

4th Birthday
Today celebrates FOUR years since I started the Phoam Surf Blog

Covering Surfing and Coastal issues in the deep south of New Zealand.

With 981 posts and 1765 commets, there has been thousands of hours on the beach photographing free surfing and surf competitions. Extensive travelling and thousands of hours in front of the computer photoshopping, editing film, and joyful labour at the easel painting. Not to mention the four other blogs I have launched.
Save Ocean Beach 13foot of Wood Friends of Blackhead Contributions to the Big Rock Boardriders blog. And my photo contributions to my partner's blog at Boardriding Scooter Trash

However, this blog did not start out with its current title.
It was originally Nic's Southern Surf and Art, screen shot below from November 2006

There have been a number of revamps of the template over the years, such as this one below: which was celebrating 20,000 hits.

Sitemeter has now recorded over 150,000 hits

Below is a series of covers I did for the first few years, heading up each month in a mnagazine style. I would like to find the time to complete the concept.

Currently the www.phoam.co.nz website is down, due to technical issues around changing domain registry garbage. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Thank you all for your support over the years, keep stopping by, I know things have been sparse the last three months, but I'm pretty much back on board now.
If you are so compelled, please leave a comment, input, criticism, raving love etc
.. I'd love to hear from you

Nic Reeves


J on 23 February, 2010 16:37 said...

congratulations! It's always nice to check in and see what's been going on in Dunedin and getting my fix of southern waves, albeit through your photos and not firsthand. I love the photos!! Keep up the good work.
J in Japan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Phoam!

Will said...

Congratulations Nic. Always stoked to see your beautiful pix of our awesome waves. Keep up the good work.
Will, St Clair

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great art over the years. I'll forever appreciate your help too, when I was looking for a flat. Four years of cheers.

-Jonathan, San Francisco

costa rica retirement on 07 June, 2010 11:24 said...

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