Monday, 23 November 2009

Scanning Electron Microscope Photos

In 1990-91 I studied Vet Nursing for two years at Polytech.
My second year paper was titled
"Six cases of skin diseases of Guinea Pigs in the Dunedin Region"
After collecting samples I processed and photographed them at the school of medicine using the scanning electron microscope.
They had to be isolated and dehydrated in a series of solutions, and then coated with gold in a sputter coater so they could withstand being scanned at an extremely high magnification. It was an extremely privileged experience being able to work with such an advanced camera.
Below are a few of the photos and a page from my paper that I scanned for Amber earlier in the year because I suggested she used Ivomec for fur mites for her new guinea pigs.

After I graduated I worked as a vet nurse for a few years for the course facillitators' vet practice part time.


surf lessons santa monica on 05 January, 2010 09:59 said...

Ag! Disgusting pics, they look so big and scary, even though they're so tiny. Worlds on top of worlds, worlds on top of worlds.


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