Thursday, 5 November 2009

Dunedin Surf Sounds - The Puddle Playing Sat

From this weeks Dscene.
I added a new tag to the blog a few months back, labeling any post with Dunedin Music created by members that are surfers. Also any vids I have made using local music with + Gigs that were on. Dunedin Surf Sounds (7)
I am taking Fugly to the vets today for an OP.


Anonymous said...

Do you think of The Puddle as a surf band? Always thought 1960's/psychedelic/Classic Flying Nun, but labels are just that! George Henderson is a genius, I reckon. Are you a Puddle fan, Nic?


nic on 12 November, 2009 16:15 said...

I label them as surf band, because of surfer mix in band. Too long to type their appropriate genre as a tag, Its just meant to indicate that a number of Dunedin bands have surfers as members.

Yes, I have Shakespeare Monkey


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