Saturday, 18 July 2009

Blackhead Quarry

Slightly different angle last year below


Beetlejuice on 21 July, 2009 01:37 said...

great blog-I'll visit your country some day,thnx!

t2 said...

Went to BH yesterday and then again
today for a surf
Man, the swell really jumped last
night and the amount of sand
shifted between the 2 days is incredible!
Any of you locals remember it looking this way before?
In my 3yrs here Ive seen the sand
retreat season to season
Just interested how/what it used to look like - guess its a cyclic thing...but man, so impressive
the changes it goes thru

nic on 21 July, 2009 19:35 said...

Yes, its looking pretty washed out, i took a photo today of it, will add to this post soon, and perhaps do a retro post of sand build up and erosion at blackhead, I've been documenting it for years, but never posted about it.

t2 said...

Yeah do it!
I walk the dog there heaps
and just get blown away
by how much it changes day to day
week to week
month to month etc etc
some awesome forces involved
Saw the big digger getting dropped
off at the tennis courts by Kilda
for some erosion repairs by
the looks of things

Makomark on 11 September, 2009 14:35 said...

Hi a group of us from the University of Otago are making a short film on 'the effects of the blackhead mine on the environment and local people'. Would any of you be interested in being interviewed either audio or auido and video (whatever you are comfortable with. Your viewpoints would be greatly appreciated, and will help to raise awareness on the issue. please reply here or contact Julia at or Mark at


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