Thursday, 23 July 2009

Blackhead 1991 Covenant

Picked up a copy of the 1991 covenant placed on Blackhead headland yesterday from the department of Conservation.
Will read through today, and see what I can make of it, but from the skim, I can safely say I need to change drawing 'D'.

Pic Above: from the internet somewhere, showing a wide sand beach at Blackhead. Not sure what date perhaps about 3+ years ago?
Pic Below: late yesterday, again at high tide. Tide spilling over the top rock plateau.

I also took a walk along St Clair and St Kilda beach yesterday morning, and took some pics with the matchbox Pentax of the exaccerbated erosion, digger out playing with rock placement, exposed rock baskets and fresh dune erosion and slips.
Also a trip to Brighton later in the arvo, where the is a massive amount of erosion occuring at Back Beach. Pics coming of both those sessions.
Good news for me is last week I bought a second hand Canon 30D to replace my dying one, and hopefully it will arrive today in the post. Its been difficult for the last month not being able to take surf shots!


Anonymous said...

Hows the SISA surf movie coming along Nic? I'm after a copy once it's done, cheers


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