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Last month..

I would like to see the new 'dispersion modelling' predictions.. and where they think the sewerage will be dispersed to.
We are not only talking about the future health of humans surfing along the harbour coast, but the health of the wildlife. Nearly all of the yellow eyed penguin chicks have died this season.. carcasses have sent for testing, but it is believed to be due to renal failure. And there have been marked decreases in the chicks of other species.
The city prides its self on clean greem wildlife tourist destination, but the truth behind the facade is pretty sick.
from what I understand the council needs to prioritise and get back tothe grass roots of supplying services to the city such as roading, drainage and sewerage treatment.. not glass domes, new buildings and a covered stadium
would you support..
Rugby over surfing?
entertainment over health?


Nick on 12 December, 2008 14:31 said...

Hey Phoam, next time we meet I wana chat about all this.. history and all.. might need the insight for my doco! Surf? Housings fixed, you better be in the water this summer! My car died, im building an electric bike!

Anonymous said...

Definetly more surfers in the water on the Otago coastline than spectators at rugby games! This city needs to improve the quality of its sewage outfall with urgency for any number of good reasons one of them being health- although good health is a durty word of late. Perhaps we should enlist Mr Swann to oversee this project from the comfort of his present "office".
Lets get the battle started Carsey.

Anonymous said...

We definitely have to get this sorted - it's an embarrassment for our fine city. Having surfed st kilda & Tomahawk on a regular basis for the past few years I have found out firsthand how poor the quality of the water is. I have had at least 6-7 bouts of sickness in the past 3yrs which I'm sure can be attributed to surfing in that dodgy water! If anyone out there has watched online the movies "Esoteric Agenda" & "Zeitgeist" then you will likely be well aware of the disregard held for public health by those in positions of power. As such I am hoping we can rally plenty of support to ensure this project does not get put on the backburner like so many other initiatives to improve our quality of life...

Anonymous said...

The money for the Tahuna outfall and stage two secondary plant is already in the LTCCP and DCC annual plan, Once both are operational by all accounts the beach issue should be resolved.

As an issue it has nothing to do with the merits of the stadium or other council expendiure

tonyf on 12 December, 2008 20:13 said...

Water quality at NZ beaches is a big national issue which points to lack of infrastructure by councils, govt. etc . Lobby your council to clean up their act,instead of pouring money into sports stadiums. The real sports at the beach!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all your comments Nic and I think it is relevant to the stadium issue. It's not just a case of prioritising basic infrastructure over sporting venues but the council actually recognising that Dunedin's biggest tourist drawcard is not a second-grade test rugby once in a blue moon but the 365 days-of-the-year uniqueness of the natural environment. Anyone visiting our endangered wildlife at Peninsula beaches is greeted by big council signs warning of sewerage pollution. Even with the extended outfall our sewerage treatment and disposal will still be way behind what was considered acceptable 50 years ago. Full tertiary treatment is also required.

From a town beach safety point of view the extended outfall as it is still won't stop town beach pollution in easterly swell.

mark o on 12 December, 2008 21:40 said...

Tertiary treatment is not enough, they will bypass from time to time & you will get sick, sometimes permanently.
Give them hell Nic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nic,

Anger doesn't even begin to describe my emotions as I read the articles on your front page. As one of the POO members who 'won' over council to upgrade the treatment of Dunedin's sewage, I am devastated to find a U turn in full effect.
I am currently living in Australia (work reasons) and have been unaware of the outlined developments...needless to say I am gutted that these 'people' who WE elect can turn on us with no regard to the popular view.
Dunedin needs someone to be the bright light for this issue - when POO was in action, folk from all corners of society banded together to effect change, this isn't just a surfers issue as the media seems to be focusing on...the health of our environment impacts and reflects the health of our society.
Advertise a rally to march onto council steps, collect petition signatures and pester the hell out of these mongrels in power to show who is in charge. My thoughts and hopes are with you all.

T2 said...

like anon said above
nature tourism shits all over
sports tourism

And to the other anon
if the council is second thinking the funding of this but still flying headfirst into the stadium,
then it has everything to do with
the merits of the stadium.

MichelleM said...

To Anonymous currently living in Australia,
POO was mentioned a few times while I was researching the stories but unfortunately i fell short in tracing any information down. Do you know of any members still living in Dunedin, who would be willing to talk to me? If so can you please email me at:
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just glad this has been brought out in the open, good on Michelle for writing such an eye-opening article

Anonymous said...

As a POO member I am happy to pass on info to you Michelle, will email you soon. Go you good things!

Anonymous said...

Reading the articles I notice this piece of complete nonsense from our council officials:
Mr van Betuw said weather patterns played a big part in beach closures.
“with north or north east winds you can get increases, it is mainly due to weather patterns causing a low over the South Island and causing down-coast conditions.
“We use weather maps so we can predict when there is going to be a problem.”

This is the same nonsense the Council reps were spouting in the consent hearings. It was brought to their attention at the time that it was nonsense... it ain't rocket science guys... NE to SE swell and/or E to SE winds = poos into shore and inshore drift E to W. Nothing to do with "lows over the South Island"... these are the people who will be "predicting" when conditions require chlorination to keep our beaches "clean". Yeah, right.


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