Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gold and Silver for Black

Christmas buildup is something I haven't experienced in a long time. Lots of work, lots of spending, lots of bills and a lot of other little details to deal with! Gone are the days when I had the spare time to spend hours on the beach working the camera, or even kicking back and watching a movie. Now I don't even have time to update the blog, in case you haven't noticed!

Blackhead has been putting on the sugar the last week, and the ants have been swarming over the nectar. Photos from Saturday night, and late Sunday afternoon/eve.

Above: Carsey tucks in. Below left: MB bottom turn.

Above: Dunnos kneeboarder star of Drive Thru NZ fame, hits the lip at dusk.
Below: unknown making the drop.

Above: last night (Monday), leaving the carpark.. Will aim to get a post up of the rest of mondays pics in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! First two especially dreamy.

Happy holidays Nic!


Anonymous said...

Especially loved the first picture.

Anonymous said...

Hey nic... LOVE these shots! Wow, what an amazing story in just a few shots. These and the Westport ones, just awesome... as usual!

So no time for standing 'round on the beach with a camera for hours anymore? Man, that's too bad!! It seems to me that's the most natural place for you to be!!!

Merry Christmas to you and Jay and the family from our wee clan up north.

May you find some time to relax and kick back - with a movie or otherwise - this holiday season.

Miss ya, keep shooting.



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