Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning a sticky fog hung over the southern hill suburbs down to the sea. The sun is becoming very low in the sky, the days are getting shorter, Autumn is truly upon us. I fully felt the promise of the winter chill today as I tucked myself under a cliff in the shade for these photos. Hands back in the pockets after each set came through to warm them up again, as the surfers basked in the sun. 40 mins was my max and I left with a vow to dig out my thermals in preparation for the next 4 months of shooting in bone chilling freeze.

Great to see Jimmy out on the water again, a few feature shots here as he was the only one working the rights.


Jonathan on 29 April, 2008 14:54 said...

By my count we've been in the same place at the same time three times, and still haven't met! Look for the old guy with the red fish...

nic @ phoam on 03 May, 2008 06:37 said...

sorry , I forgot you were here! I will text you this weekend.


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