Friday, 25 April 2008

mates and good waves

The big messy storm swell has mostly passed by, the faces are cleaning up and the size is still holding. Apart from a smothering blanket of grey cloud, which was not good at all for photos, today was about mates and good waves.

Above Nat slots into one of his many barrels of the day. Below- Tom makes the drop with mutant lip. Nathan carves the face on his old board after snapping his good one at this spot earlier in the day.

Above- Andy left and Jono right, who also snapped a board. Below- Jimmy got a couple of good barrels before he got wasted in the one below and ended up in the emergency room.
Update: Injury was his head split open by his board, in the end his mum cleaned it up and put a sticky plaster on it, and 2 days later he's back in the water!

Below Simon Dickie tucks in


Anonymous said...

That is a sick seq of Jimmy, what happened to him?

nic on 28 April, 2008 08:42 said...

split his head pen, big gash wond, blood everywhere, Jay drove him back to his house, where the intention was he went to A&E, but didn't get there in the end. have updated blog

Anonymous said...

andy drunk half a flask of rum and 2 beers before he went out!!


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