Friday, 10 November 2006

St Clair Poles - sand level changes over a decade.

Found and old pic in the album I just scanned, (now I've worked out how to scan straight into photoshop).. of the height of the pier piles november 1996 compared to august 2006,
and the white arrow points to the same pole in each picture. Since then even more sand has gone. Anyone keen to guess how much sand has gone? . hint the guy is 6ft 1 . and ha ha, thats me on the left in matching stone wash denim jacket and jeans


Anonymous said...

Love your blog phoam. From dunedin but have been living in Santa Cruz CA for about six years and your photo's bring me much joy.
Thanks PAUL

nic on 10 November, 2006 15:21 said...

Hi Paul,

really appreciate the message :0) I guess you miss dunedin a bit? how did you find my blog, just interested

cheers Nic

Anonymous said...

I seen some photo's you put on the forum.
Love the blackhead video.
Wow thats a lot of sand gone missing.

Jono on 13 November, 2006 20:39 said...

it'll be interesting to see what the sand bank modification they were talking about in the odt on saturday will do, maybe they should just dump all of the sand at st clair, as they said it'll drift north anyway

nic on 13 November, 2006 20:46 said...

didnt see it Jono, will have to get a copy and check it out.

and thanks anonymous above! :0)

Anonymous said...

front page of saturdays paper, it might be online now


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