Sunday, 26 November 2006

found some .. down south

Nice warmish sunny day, took a trip down south a bit to a fav spot with my girls and the camera.
Climbed over the rocks a bit, and took some shots while the girls made little flax mats.. soo relaxing, and great there was some explosive surfing going on too, pity about the surf, blew out and chopped up alot as the hour went on.
Pics up in the order they were taken, another half a dozen tomorrow along with a couple of sequences like the ladder 1 ones tomorrow too.


Jono on 27 November, 2006 21:27 said...

the worst part is I was gonna go down there, then the wind turned, so I ended up surfing st clair :(

Nic on 28 November, 2006 09:43 said...

it was mostly onshore/sideshore anyway .. seems like everyone is deciding to go there nowadays anyway..

Anonymous said...

yeah its getting crazy crowded down here nowadays, ive been living here for 6 years overlooking the beach and hardly anyone used to come. kind of annoying but its all good. even better waves furthur south of here, so many good spots on right swell and wind.


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