Monday, 2 April 2012


Last year I got a signage commission for the Momona Playgroup.
Took a while, but got it finished in the end.
painted in outdoor acryics on marine ply and sealed with clear seal from rainbow paints. Unfortunately the clear sealer went very yellow after the sign was in the sun for a few weeks, so quite disappointed. I was told by rainbow that this wouldn't happen, never getting paint from them again!
Above: lettering printed out to trace onto sign, and below that, the images for the background painted on before lettering went up.

I used to do heaps of signwriting in the past, did the large signs for Video Venue in Green Island, and have also done decorative signwriting on stock cars, beach buggies etc in the 1980's.
back then I wanted to train as a signwriter, but never did.

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