Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Raw Session from Saturday

Session on Saturday, first time in about 3 weeks that I managed to get down to the beach to take photos. A few comments on my blog, and emails about the lack of content on my blog. I'm not going to apologise for being absent, I just hope that soon I can get fixed so I can get back to my life I once knew. Two top are Andy Sutherland having a good day and Jayin on his new single fin. Below are screen shots of the whole session with Andy, Jimi, Matt & Lamby


Anonymous said...

Well done Nic! My thoughts are with you from oz! Not missing cold water, but Def missing good people there.xxx

t2 said...

hey nic
good on ya - some recent comments
have made me think some people out
there think you are doing this
blog solely for their benefit...
hope you get better soon and start
getting out more to enjoy this little piece of paradise

Nic Reeves said...

thanks t2

its just so frustrating when I want to do so much but I just physically can't.
I should have a definite diagnosis mid June when I get the MRI done.

I really don't want to stop the blog, but have been poised to make the 'Final Post' so many times in the last few months, but I just can't!!


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