Sunday, 6 March 2011

Seaweek Beach Cleanup - Brighton

5 adults and three children, including me and Jay turned up to deposit their collected rubbish from Beach cleanup points along the south coast around Brighton this morning.
A lady who walked the beach from Waldronville to Ocean view with her dog collected a supermarket bag of rubbish. Me and Jay collected rubbish around the surf lifesaving club and back bank, and along the Otokai Estuary and top domain.

Above: Scott and Caleb collected three very large sacks of rubbish from around the Waldronville area and gun club. And pic below: Sean and his daughters' Edith and Faye collected a large bag from the dunes and beach at Brighton.

I believe a few of the boys from Big Rock collected rubbish along the roadside from Brighton to Kuri Bush this afternoon.

The final weight of rubbish collected from Brighton was 170 kg.


Anonymous said...

A good effort from the 'Southern Crew' but did the 'big rock boys'
rock up to their responsibilities ?

Anonymous said...

Nic, would be interesting to get a break down of what components made up the most litter. Myy gess it is more than likely branded litter from the likes of KFC, McDonalds etc. Aside for excessive packaging, I'm pretty sure off-shore those companies get fined for littering... they should take it upon themselves to reduce packaging and to educate their brainless clients


nic on 07 March, 2011 15:33 said...

most of the rubbish was packaging from items bought at food stores. Minimal fast food packaging, as Brighton is 20 mins south of the closest big name fast food outlet

jayin said...

What i saw the most of was Beer and energy drink bottles, cans, iceblock wrappers, lollie wrappers!
Something mum and dad could sort out by kicking the kids arse ;)
the dcc could help by putting bins on far side of domain where the most rubbish was but thats a concept too far for them at this point,
the dcc should also ditch their dog poo policy cos it seems lazy dog owners pick up the dog poo then flick the bagged poo into the bushes !
The rubbish bins were overflowing too with baged rubbish from free campers another ball the dcc is dropping...
and i'm not even mentioning the amount of tissue and shit in the bushes !Saddle hill community board score a MASSIVE FAIL on dealing with that issue !

Community board participants = Nil

Anonymous said...

good call jayin. yeah the DCC, all they are good for is policy formulation. they have complete lack of resources on thee ground to follow up. such policies are only as effective where there is monitoring and enforcement. re the absence of elected members, you only ever see or hear from them when it is an election year...



Colin W said...

appreciating allefforts in recent clean up ...all views welcome maybe the very full Skip load of rubbish the Community & numerous board members collected at Esturary pre christmas was missed as being a project undertaken

issues of rubbish on Domain / freedom camping abuse high on Boards agenda at this weeks Board meeting...if bins are every seen full just call 4774000 as contract includes on demand empty

there wouldnt be a week go by we dont pick up bag of :others: rubbish along our coastal community we all love the coast and do make an effort


Jayin said...

Sadly as the community board is meeting at 3pm i can not attend.

Thanks for the phone number i'll try to call him when they are full perhaps stenciling his ph number on the bins so people know who to get to empty them .

The freedom camping issue is that there is still no easily visible signage on the domain toilets and no rubbish bins anywhere except outside the clubrooms whereas the worst levels of rubbish were opposite this area in the turn around area and overlooking 'Barneys',
Coincidentally most of the type of rubbish pointed to 'locals' (beer Bottles) and bagged dog poo flicked into bushes by dog walking residents (i'm assuming most tourists don't have dogs ;) )

p.s Why a Bylaw on Dog poo but not Human poo?

The freedom campers are great with their rubbish just not so with their own body waste either at the domain nor by the OV hall parking lot
perhaps just letting them know camping facilities are provided a couple of hundred meters down the road!

..happily this summer has not been too hot so the smell and tissue has washed away frequently.

my comment on community board member participants on the day was fact not a dig
The estuary clean up was not missed it is not the subject of this post
good on you guys and the locals who did it early last year and the criminals who did it mid year.

As for the estuary issue this area should be cleaned weekly by the DCC as it is their governance or lack of that is letting all the rubbish blow down the estuary from the dump to the coast!
The DCC run the Dump as a business and should clean up pollution they are causing in the estuary just as any private business would be made too...
however that would be the ORC dropping the ball!

Glad we got a shiny stadium though

GO the Highlanders!


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