Monday, 6 September 2010

RIP - Clarke

Today Caitlins' beloved guinea Pig Clarke was put to sleep after a long and immensely loved life a few months short of his 6th birthday.
He was old, tired, blind and in pain from failing health. Full of character to the last minute it was an extremely hard decision, he has now been laid to rest at the bottom of the garden and we plan to buy a Rhododendron to plant above his resting site.

Above: Born on the 29th of November 2004.
His Father was my beloved Floyd, and is survived by his mother Ishana

Above: When Clarke was just a few months old he was already completely devoted to Caitlin. His favorite game was always to run and even jump big distances up onto her chest and snuggle under her chin. Berlow: Caitlin inside the boys' cage, Clarke used to love to run all over Caitlin like a mountain goat.

The video below is of Clarke and his half brother Fugly playing around with a pellet bowl. Only ever kept inside (and outside on nice summer and spring days) a two storied apartment with mirrored walls, fresh hay and blankets and teddy toys. Clarkes favourite one was the EXPOL Penguin, which he always cuddled up to at night.



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