Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 2 - Hyundai Longboard Pro Dunedin

Gorgeous light in the morning. I missed the first few heats, but set myself up to get some mood shots for the Womens Semi Final. Above: I think Daisy Thomas. Below left: Local Tash Civil tucks into the green room in a very close heat, just pipped out of a finals berth by .4 of a point

Above: Leroy Rust, stepping to the nose.. big congrats on your soild surfing all weekend resulting in second place in the Open. Below left: Shayne Baxter, taking out the Paddle Board final, powering with your unique style. below right: Mike Thomson

Below: the comp site, decked out with a bit of vehicular eye candy. A massive Thanks to Hyundai for your support of longboarding in New Zealand.

Above: Jae Kilgour, local hero, so stoked to see you surfing with such style and control over the weekend, congrats on your placing in the finals of the Juniors. below left: Mischa Davis winner of the womens longboard. Below Right: Sam Poulter.. oozing old skool style, a joy to watch you surf.

Above: Daniel Procter took out the main event with a very tight heat. And Mike Thomson again below, placed 1st in the over 50's.

Full results and article here

Heaps more shots, sorry I couldn't put everyone up.
There is an excellent video below of the event by NZ Greenroom Productions


Rooster on 01 March, 2010 23:54 said...

Nice photos!

Antuan on 04 March, 2010 23:47 said...

4th photo is amazing! the detail of the hang five is really nice.

you're welcome to my blog!

greetings from barcelona!

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