Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A few shots from away

Took a trip up to Christchurch a few weeks back to pick up and drop off a board. meet some friends for a surf. Some moody pics of the journey up, and some of the surfco crew

So I've been absent from the blog a bit. Other issues happening in my life right now that need attending to. Life is a priority.


Surfer Nancy on 16 December, 2009 01:28 said...

Where are you? I am sure I am not the only one who misses you! I may be visiting in late March early April - can you tell me something good about weather and waves at that time of year? I hope I can get to meet you, ans surf with you, in person!

nic on 16 December, 2009 09:11 said...

Hi Nancy,
Hopefully surf will pick up by march april.. its been utter crap the last few months, either tiny and onshore, or massive onshore. Its a switchover year for weather patterns, and this happens.

Me, I haven't been able to work much, surf or shoot the last few months, got a bit of a challenge going on healthwise. Hopefully be back on board by march april, would be stoked to meet you and surf.

surf school los angeles on 17 December, 2009 08:12 said...

The first pic looks like the sky is caving in. Doesn't it? Nice pics.

t2 said...

hey nic
sorry to hear your not well

Maybe a little consolation in being
sick knowing that you havent missed anything surfwise, but
hope your up an adam soon all the same

just heard that the operation for
little grace went well and today she managed to eat an entire
jar of banana and apple baby food
...first food eaten ever!
needless to say her parents are
just buzzing and hoping it continues

Anonymous said...

Sorry to here you're not well, Nic. Miss your good work. Wishing you health and energy in the new year, and a merry Christmas to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

nic, for years your blog has become very much part of my daily routine (especially when i was in London) so hope to have you back to 100 before too long. take care, rest up and hope to see you back in action soon.


Surfer Nancy on 25 January, 2010 14:53 said...

Nic: So sorry to hear you are facing some health problems. Hopefully you are on the mend by now. I send all the best wishes your way. I am planning on visiting Dunedin at the end of March, so I will look you up! :)


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