Thursday, 20 November 2008

Boulder Beach Conservation Area - temp closure

The Coastal Otago Area Manager has approved the temporary closure of the Boulder Beach Conservation Area from 1 December 2008 through to 28 February 2009. The closure has been undertaken for the past two years in order to protect hoiho/yellow-eyed penguins during their breeding season. Research at this site and adjacent sites has indicated that lower breeding success and low chick fledging weights are caused by human disturbance during this period, which may have a dramatic impact on first-year (juvenile) survival and the viability of the species at this location. Entry to the area during this period without a permit from the Area Manager is prohibited, and will be monitored regularly.

Notices will be placed in the Otago Daily Times this week and next week, and signage will be in place outside the reserve and all tracks leading down (Highcliff, Buskin and Paradise)


Anonymous said...

cheers for the headsup nic!


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