Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Been struggling away working on two painting commissions this week. With my painting, I am either in the flow and it just comes out.. or I am back to kindy painting and its just not working. Today its just not working, so I had a browse through my folders and processed a few sunset/sunrise photos that I haven't put on my blog yet, some date back to 2005.

Above: the face of Huey, the god of surf-ocean in the foam.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic,

Maybe you've been caught "Analysis Paralysis" disease after having to deal with DCC over this erosion management issue Nic!

Its a disease thats the opposite of intangables like "natural talent" and "creativity" and "free spirit" and "kiwi ingenuity" and "can do attitude" which defies scientific analysis and reasoning but nevertheless has been responsible for significant advancement and understanding on the planet - its a bit like trying to analyse and define your art Nic - you simply cant! - some things in life just happen - and theyre meant to because they are beautiful, precious, meangingful and a necessary part of the balance of life!!

Anonymous said...

Question: Which came first?

A/ God and Mother Nature


B/ Dunedin City Council

Anonymous said...

Art vs Science vs Politics

... and of course theres "PASSION" and "LOVE" and "HATE" and "POWER" and "EGO" and "SECURITY" and "STATUS" and "PRIDE" and "HONOUR" and "TRADITION and "VANITY" and "MATES" ..... anybody like to add anything!!

Anonymous said...


Seems like Nic is in regression - she's been sucked into the DCC "Black Hole" - the Council time warp machine which operates in the 1950's !!! full of "old boy" DCC cronies!

MERC on 15 November, 2007 09:07 said...

Break on through.

Nic on 16 November, 2007 22:25 said...

its the DCC who has analysis paralysis..

they now have given themselves till 2011 to implement any kind of erosion protection at Middles-St Clair

Anonymous said...

I see Huey!
Far right of the break

Brett on 04 December, 2007 16:57 said...

nic, these are amazing!!!


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