Saturday, 20 January 2007

St Kilda

Had to pop out later this avo to drop off a DVD I made for a friend, so decided at the same time to pack all my camera gear and take it all for a test drive at St Kilda... see if I could sort out what was happening with my lens ..
so after three hours and more fiddling, trying to master manual focus .. and get some brightness under the grey-overcast skies ( we seem to be having alot of those so far this summer) had a totally satisfying relaxing session .. and also got some shots:

Below are a few slow shutter speed shots I liked too:


Charlotte on 21 January, 2007 15:25 said...

Love the ones with the slower shutter speeds Nic!

Nic on 21 January, 2007 22:04 said...

ta sis - found it was better to do that than to try and push the apreature too much towards the 6.3 .. those were at about 9-10 which pulled the shutter speed down to about 1/80 ish.


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