Wednesday, 24 October 2012

new beginnings

Thank you for following my phoam surf blog over the years.  
I am gutted to have to finally admit to this being the very last post.

So after 7+ years, 1142 posts, thousands of photographs & dozens of videos .............   this is my last post.

I will add that after 3 years dealing with the Southern District Health board and their 'specialists' I have come to the conclusion that they are uncaring heartless ****ers. 

However, having now discovered the cause of my decline via an overseas specialist (a rare condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis caused by an epidural injection), I can now look forward and adapt my life.

 On a positive note 
I can still create my original artworks.
Please support me, this is my only income.

Please LIKE my Nicola Reeves Artist - Phoam Arts page on Facebook 

Still active on the environmental front, In 2013 I founded a Coastal Otago Environmental group

 Otago Coastal Guradians Inc

Otago Coastal Guradians Inc on facebook


Surfer Nancy on 26 October, 2012 00:36 said...

You will be missed more than you probably really know. I, and I am sure many many others, wish you only the best on your future journey...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Nic. Have enjoyed your blog immensely. Best of luck to you and your family,


tuskedbeast on 27 November, 2012 17:29 said...

Nic, have enjoyed your stuff for years. You've given much to your community and I imagine that will never change, in the long run. I hope you continue to share art projects that you've done (it's resume material after all!).

Still look back fondly at the time I spent in St Clair in 2006 which happened because you were gracious enough to put my plea for a short term rental on your blog.

Strength and happiness to you


nic on 27 November, 2012 17:45 said...

Thanks Jonathan

I share some small art projects on my facebook page at
If you are on facebook.. LIKE



Unknown on 29 November, 2012 21:31 said...

Thank you for all your work into this blog, your pics and paintings capture the beauty, wonder and fun of the region and I will continue to enjoy looking back at your posts. All the best for the future.


Anonymous said...

Specialists do their best under their own set of circumstances just like you did to keep the blog going.

There are still many far worse off than you.

Shame on you. You spoilt what could have been a great ending because they couldn't fix you. Sometimes that the way it is... To call them f***ers is deplorable.

nic on 15 December, 2012 20:20 said...

Well you are obviously the simpleton. I never used that word.
The specialists did not do anywhere their best. They wouldn't have treated their own dogs the way they treated me.

Ben Hur on 06 April, 2013 08:28 said...

Sorry to see your phoam blog is finished. How did you injure yourself and how is it incapacitating you? I really love your work.

Unknown on 07 November, 2018 17:46 said...

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