Monday, 27 September 2010

St Clair in the Sun

What a stuinning day, after all the freezing weather and snow the last week. I sat on the Esplanade getting my 20 minutes of natural Vitamin D early this afternoon. Usually I'm always out in the sun, either taking photos, gardening or surfing but the last 10 months in exile, with nadda surf, no gardening and not many photo sessions my vit D levels dropped way low.. looking to boost them up naturally now, fingers crossed hopefully soon I can get back out on the water too. Being sick is a pain.

Below left: Not much sand at the base of the sea wall at the moment.
Below Right: A view along the esplanade towards the St Clair resort.


Surfer Nancy on 27 September, 2010 23:55 said...

Thanks for bringing some sunny St. Clair to North Florida. Hang in there, Nic. Spring is in the air, and you will be back stronger than ever!


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