Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Dunedin Stadium Progress

Well, the sharks wanted it, and they got it. Personally, although a covered stadium for Dunedin is a great thing, the extent to which it has been rate payer funded is ludicrous. Everywhere you look within council services, prices have gone up. Helping a friend pack stuff to shift yesterday morning she gave another guy helping $4 to take a stationwagon load to the green island landfill, to be told it now cost $27.00

I was on my way back from a trip out to Port Chalmers in the afternoon, and took a few shots of the Stadium building progress on my wee matchbox pentax camera (been leaving the 7D at home lately).
Wondering who would like to comment on their local body elections' voting preferemces? Chin back in? or a complete revamp?


Anonymous said...

time for some new blood. the DCC needs youth and energy, fresh ideas etc.,. We need to rid the DCC of radio talk back hosts and $1 entertainers... if only those who voted for these muppets actually knew how ineffective elected members they actually are.


Stretch on 16 July, 2010 16:23 said...

Too true but they say our dis-satisfaction with them is just a trend
Vote all bar Teresa out!

Anonymous said...

Nic, these types of projects will always need to be funded from somewhere, and it is always questionable whether it is sustainable for the current rate payers to fund a project that will benefit future generations.

I have traveled all over the world and have seen some amazing examples of regeneration schemes that enhance city scapes and areas like harbour areas. I feel that this proposal while costing a huge amount for rate payers will have a significant benefit for being a catalyst for redevelopment potential for the rest of the harbour area, linking with the city centre - I would have to say this as a town planner!!!

Cheers NB

nic on 17 July, 2010 20:43 said...

sure NB

but not at the expense of crippling a large percentage of the cities own population financially, so only those whom are above a certain percentage of income can reap the benefits of such a development.

Anonymous said...

the council has less park rubbish bins than ever
our public spaces are drowning in litter dropped by unaware people
and the council wont fund picking it up but they will fund 6 million for buying carisbrook and money for a rugby stadium (a game few go to see anymore!)

Anonymous said...

Cobryce (NRB). I concur with your comments brother. Baltimore is a great example of how a harbour side regeneration can breathe life into a declining city. I think the DCC were using the example of Baltimore to promote their own plan chnage for that part of the harbour basin. Whilst I don't agree with the process in that the elected members clearly disregarded the opinions of theie constituents and voted on a party line basis, I think the stadium will have tremendous benefit both locally and regionally. We haven't seen the benefit that the University Plaza will also contribute and I know from my involvement with that project that it will be outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Time for a local body that listens!! complete revamp! Chin has had way to much time and has failed misrabley!


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